Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wear Gray for Jay

In March my son lost perhaps his best friend, Jay, to brain cancer.  It was a very hard time for him.  I mourned Jay as well because when your children have friends for years who also come to visit over college breaks and then move near by after graduation and come for Sunday dinners and borrow things, they become your friend, too.

Jay didn't make it to "Wear Gray for Jay" this year, but he will be forever in our thoughts and hearts.  His wife and family will be forever in our prayers.  When you see gray this month, think of those who have brain tumors which forever change their course in life.  So often it seems to me that those tumors come to the young who are busily engaged in good things and raising young families and it is so hard to understand why. Why them, why now?

Remember, gray for Brain Tumor Awareness.  It is not the pink we immediately identify with breast cancer victims, but it too affects lives and spouses and children and extended families.  We all need to be aware.  I find comfort in Jay's and Katrina's belief that families are forever and that they will be reunited.  Learn more here.

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