Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to Happy Town

 My grandson, Oscar, has a great imagination and he loves vehicles.  I knew that this fabric panel from the Happy Town fabric line designed by Jacquelynne Steves would make a great play mat for Oscar's birthday.

I used a needle punched polyester batting and quilted it on my machine by outlining the roads and buildings as well as other details.  The panel comes with the red border and I added the green border and backing as well as binding from my stash.  I made ties from the binding fabric and attached them under the binding for ease in rolling the mat up for storage.


I also collected a few more vehicles for Oscar in a scale which fit the panel.

The craft storage container I found at Joanne's is just perfect for Hot Wheels or Matchbox vehicles.  It opens on both sides so there is room for almost 50 cars.  There is an extra wide space on each side perfect for the occasional fire truck or longer vehicle.  This gift was a hit with Oscar, especially that container with a handle which is currently going where ever Oscar goes.

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