Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Wheel at Scheels

We were drawn to take the brothers to Scheels not for the animals

of which there were many

and then some more.

We came so that Grandpa Glen could take them on the in-house Ferris Wheel.  He was good to wait in line while the boys and I explored the store.

There were giant fish aquariums.

They were filled with flora and fauna.

Finally their turn came up and they were off.

It is still amazing to me that they would build out a store to accommodate a Ferris Wheel.

A wave to their personal photographer.

And another salute.

As you see, it is a huge light filled space right in the middle of the store and its two levels of merchandise and food court.

Grandpa loves his boys

and they love him.

Especially when he buys them brand new soccer balls as well as takes them on fun outings.

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