Monday, May 20, 2013

Favorite Utah Nursery

We spent a great Saturday with our grandsons.  Grandpa Glen give them a little family history tour of Draper and then drove up the hill to his favorite Utah garden center, Cactus and Tropicals.

This miniature bonsai garden made me a bit excited about bonsai.

Don't you wish that you were a Borrower and could take ownership?

So charming!

The nursery overlooks the city of Draper and Relation Street where Glen's mother grew up.

Glen likes to visit here because of the great variety of plants.  This is where he first found his chocolate flowers.

Henry found the cactus garden with "real' cactus nestled in below the metal saguaro.

Soon, there was need for a wagon.

Grandpa Glen had found the next great thing.

Dwarfy, bushy, thornless raspberry bushes which grow best in containers.

There was one ripe raspberry which we divided into fourths. SOLD!

Glen knew just the person who would enjoy these plants.

Off they go to Uncle Lowell's new deck.  I managed to slip in a beautiful lavender colored clematis for Aunt Lynette.  Happy house warming gifts to both of you!

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