Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hole in the Rock

You may notice that one of these boys is still in his pajamas.  His grandparents slipped him and his brother out of the house while his parents were sleeping. It was time for an adventure.

Grandpa decided that these out-of-towners needed to climb Hole in the Rock before heading home.

We texted their parents so they wouldn't worry once we were on the road to Papago Park next to the Phoenix Zoo.

We enjoyed a cool, early morning walk up the east side.

The desert plants were blooming.

 Once inside, there are some great views.

We especially enjoyed watching a string of jets leave Sky Harbor Airport.

That haze of gray brown is downtown Phoenix.

This little mountain goat was everywhere (even in pajamas.)

The hole has lots of natural seating.

And photo ops.

One of our favorite memories is climbing to this spot during one of our summer thunderstorms. We watched wave after wave of rain and lightening race across the Valley of the Sun.

Now I am facing east.

The actual hole is small but the space expands on the west side.

I love the silhouette possibilities.

Outside the entrance looking north Grandpa Glen pauses with his boys.

Desert blooms.

Looking east towards home.  My childhood home was close, too, biking distance in fact.  Papago Park is part of my childhood memories as are the Salt River Project canal aqueducts.  They were our water park in the 1960's.

Even the desert is beautiful in the Spring.

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