Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A detour with a view

On our last trip to Utah the snowflakes were flying in the mountains so we traveled through the desert and towards Las Vegas instead.  We had our National Parks pass in the car so decided at the last moment to skip Las Vegas and turn right just past the Hoover Dam overpass.

This route would take us past Lake Mead and then north to Interstate 15 bypassing the Las Vegas freeways.

It was a beautiful crisp day with cloudy blue skies and there were lots of beautiful spots.

But we didn't stop until these beautiful red sandstone rocks appeared just off the roadway.

Isn't is amazing what erosion and time can do to red sand hills.

It was a great place for a bit of a walk and some fresh air.

There was a longer trail which we might have to make time for on a future trip.

View through the rocks looking west.

Same view once I climbed a bit.

We talked about this being a great movie location.

It felt a bit other worldly.

This might have to be a rest stop when there are grand kids in the car.

But not on a summer day.

This place gets HOT.

Really hot!

It was eye candy 360.

You will notice that the desert was green do to much moisture this winter.

There were also little desert blooms.

See that trail head.

It was calling Glen's name.

Goodbye Red Rocks!

We will see you again some time.

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