Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thirty-eight years and counting

Today my husband and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  I love these formal childhood pictures which had to be taken near the same time as we look like we are about the same distance apart in age that we are in real life.  It also seems that a patterned ball was the prop of choice for a photo session with a little one.  Notice my dress - it really is similar to the one I just completed for Opal from a vintage pattern.  I love Glen's fifties style jacket with a bow tie.

Yesterday was a travel day for us as well as an adventure which I will share on a later post.  We landed in Flagstaff around dinner time and stopped for a meal.  As we ate, a full moon rose over the pines in an indescribable blue sky out the window.  We reminisced about the full moon which rose on our wedding day all those years ago.  As we left the restaurant and reentered the freeway for our last lap home, the sun had began to set behind a fan shaped cloud bank which must have had a hole in the bottom center for a shaft of sunlight rose straight up in blazing color while surrounded by colorful cloudy lace.  It was beautiful and constantly changing as we drove on but that shaft of light rising straight up remained until the sun was gone.

Now we were reminded of our 25th anniversary trip to San Francisco and our twilight walk across the Golden Gate Bridge as a gorgeous buttery full moon rose in the east at the same time a blazing sun dropped into a glowing and shimmering ocean to the west.  It was a never to be forgotten moment.

Why San Francisco for our 25th?  That is where we honeymooned in 1975.  Part of that visit was spent in the Oakland Temple which we visited again 25 years later.  I have come to realize that this couple relationship we have nurtured is our most precious one over children, parents, extended family, or others.  It is an eternal one of commitment and love.

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