Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Once again I bring you pictures from our annual Easter Egg Hunt held after Easter dinner in the front yard.  We enjoyed not only beautiful weather, but the presence of all but one of our grandchildren this year.

The hunters were sent to the back yard while uncles and my oldest grandson hid the eggs.  I give you the boys.

Handsome little devils, aren't they?

 When I asked for silly faces, this is what I got.

Now, I give you the girls.  

Aren't they lovely and sweet.

 Inspired by the boys, I give you their silly faces.

My newest grand baby is delightful.

Oh, to be the oldest and be given duties. I understand that grandpa compensated him for hiding eggs instead of accumulating goodies.

This year I tried an idea shared by my sister.  I placed stickers on the eggs, one kind for each grandchild.  I then placed a key tag on each basket handle with the sticker that child was supposed to find.  It lengthened our hunt and it was fun to see them help each other.  There was also a pretty even sharing of the goods.  Grandpa Glen puts $2 bills in some of those eggs.

We tried to make it festive.  I finally sewed together my Riley Blake pendant fabric panel which I picked up on clearance a year ago.

I bought coordinating fabric the same size as the panel, put them right sides together, pinned and stitched away, and then cut apart with my rotary cutter.  I turned each pendant right side out, ironed, and then sandwiched the raw edge tops onto a band of fabric with binding ties at each end.

Love the colors.

The circle garden this year.  Some years the hollyhocks are in bloom.  New this year are the iris.

I found these giant plastic eggs at Hobby Lobby.  They were just right to fill my wooden European farm wagon.

The egg hunters.

The spectators.

More egg hunters.

Another egg hunter.

And everyone kept looking until most eggs were found.  I found one the next day in a flower pot and joy of joys, it held Cadbury eggs.

And finally it was time to open each egg.

And count them.

Each had a pretty nice pile of eggs.

Even the littlest egg hunter.

I hope my oldest didn't feel left out.  Next year he's off to high school.  How did that happen?

Grandpa helped with the colorful hair extensions.

There were many devices used for picture taking and everyone appreciated that our sticker egg hunt took longer and provided more photo opportunities.  As the sun went down, we went back inside for strawberry shortcake. 

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