Monday, March 18, 2013

My National/World Quilt Day outing

This year the Arizona Quilt Guild held their annual event at the Mesa Convention Center and it coincided with National/World Quilt Day.  My quilting sister, Lynette, was in town for my nephew's wedding so we got ready ahead of time and dropped in on the quilts before heading to the wedding also in downtown Mesa.  I snapped a few pictures of the quilts which I want to share.  I am sorry for the quality of the photos.  There is a yellow tint to them all.  I was shooting without a flash.  Usually works best for me, but not this time.

That tiny, tiny applique house is the center of a block.  Amazing!


My sweet sister.

Here is a quilt made from Cori Blunt's pattern, "Cherry Tweet."  I have been working on this same quilt in spurts for a year and a half now.  This one used toned down reds and blues and a red stripe for the bows.  It was beautiful.  I especially loved the feathered quilting on the border.  Cori's quilt has a scalloped edge.

I took a picture of the tag so that I would have the name of the machine quilter when I ever get to that point.

Yes, that is a 3-D butterfly.

The large butterflies were cut from a panel.

There were many art quilts.

This one was called "Dutch Houses" and claimed to be made from reproduction antique Dutch fabrics.

Bargello anyone?

Their theme and lecture emphasis this year was the hexagon.

There were many hexagon quilts displayed and instruction boards.

Have you been saving your selvedges?

The quilting on the light rows spelled out the "Star Spangled Banner."

Quilted upholstery.  It was very pretty.

I have a SIL from Switzerland and they have a different dress costume for each canton or state.

This quilt reminded me of her dirndl.  Don't you just love dirndls?  I do.

These were 1930's orphan blocks put together with a contemporary setting.  It was so fun to see so many older fabric prints.

 It was in Arizona and there were many Arizona inspired quilts.

These quilts in the exemplary section had the big ribbons and honors.

I loved this star quilt with bursting flower butterfly shaped corners.

Yo yo's.  Lots of yo yo's.

A whole cloth white quilt with beautiful stitching.  So, so glad that we were able to work this in to a very busy but fun Saturday.

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Laraine Eddington said...

I'm so sorry I missed this but loved your photos.