Sunday, March 10, 2013

Girl time

We had a girls overnight last Friday.  It involved driving and singing in the rain, Dunkin' Donuts, pizza, ebelskivers for breakfast, and lots of imaginary play time.  Night time always comes too early when these cousins get together.  Sadie usually wilts first.  When I went to check on her, the older two had turned on the night light and were busily putting all the dolls to bed, finding pajamas and assorted blankies for all.  So cute!  I hurried in the next morning to take a picture before they all "woke up."

It was a gray and cloudy morning, but they just put jackets on over their jammies and moved on with their plans.

This includes a long standing tradition of wall walking.

They no longer need a hand to hold.

I miss their joy at first "walking the wall" when toddlers.  Stop growing up so fast my lovelies!

I love your cacophony of prints and color!

They helped grandpa plant this season's sunflowers by shaking in fertilizer and smoothing out the dirt before poking in the seeds with a finger.

Only one minor misstep.  The shaker lid on the Osmocote bottle fell off.  That was too much for one pot so they hurriedly spread the wealth amongst all seven pots.  The sunflowers should be sprouting up by Easter.

Then it was on to fairy house building in the back yard.  They were in heaven because of so much material on the ground.  The winds during the night and day before had knocked down lots of palm tree trimming debris.  They created some terraced living.

Grandpa had found some fairies  to enjoy the girls creative homes.

A little tree house (or vine house) for everyone.

I hope they are never too old to stop in their imaginings and creations.

I hope that they always remember grandma's and grandpa's house and garden.

All to soon it was time to pack up.  Heather had a birthday party, so I did a quick french braid before heading out the door to take her to Polar Ice before dropping off Ruby and Sadie at home just a couple of miles away.  One french braid was not enough.

Come again soon my sweethearts!

Note:  Grandpa went to get the boys after the girls left.  They helped him with chores and they also helped with setting out petunias in our baskets.  They got fish and fries at McD's, left-over pizza, and Jamba juice on the way home.  They did not get any pictures.  Thank you girls for always reminding me to get out my camera.

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Betty Lou said...

What fun to have them for the week-end. Looks like everyone had a good time. Now it's time for grandma and grandpa to take a rest.m