Monday, March 4, 2013

Finished and delivered!

Finally "It Takes a Village" has been completed.

That last little thing, the crocheted flowers for some of the hats, caused me to set it aside and move on to other things.

I finally sat still for three hours and stitched those flowers down flat petal by petal.  I thought the crocheted flowers would be so much cuter and more durable than the felt ones on the pattern.

Every other hand holding girl received a flower.

I've told you before about how much fun I had sewing together those little girls, everyone with a different outfit.

I'm trying to stick to my goal of a label for every quilt.  Notice that I made it in January.  I tell you, it was the flowers.  My lovely, talented sister even put the binding on for me months ago while here for a visit.  I let her watch "Gone with the Wind" while she stitched.


When it came time for a backing I wanted to have a corresponding fabric.  It was almost too late.  I wandered the quilt shop down the street and found these three, none with enough leftover yardage to do it by themselves.  It's okay.  I like the pieced back and I think there is enough leftover strips to make Julianna a skirt.

My adorable little recipient was so pleased.

I love her dearly and for always.

Where did you go?

There you are.  Looks like it will be big enough to cover all of you!

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