Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Higher Call

Just finished an amazing book which tells an amazingly true story of World War II.  I'm sure I was drawn to this book because of my recent interest in the history of my Uncle Lowell during World War II.  I earlier shared books which give the point of view of a supreme commander and a crew member of a B-17 stationed in England.  This book tells the story of a German fighter plane pilot and an American B-17 pilot and how their paths crossed over Germany, changing both forever.

Adam Makos began collecting the stories of WWII veterans while a teenager.  When he meets Charlie Brown hoping for an interview, he is told that he must find and interview a real hero, Franz Stigler.  Adam does and the result is this book which while telling the story of Franz, also tells the story of the German Air Force while presenting yet another point of view, that of the enemy.  For more information go here.

Did anyone else watch the "12 O'clock High" television series back in the 1960's?  I loved that show based on bombing runs by a Bombardier group of the U.S. Eighth Air Force out of England during WWII.  It was based on a 1949 movie of the same title.  I hope that someone decides to make a movie based on "A Higher Call."  I think it could be great.

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