Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow days

Saturday we ventured north to Piper's in Sugarhouse.  I was in need of a new knitting project having finished one the night before.  A giant winter storm came through all of Utah last Thursday through Saturday morning.  Salt Lake City, Sugarhouse, and the benches were hit with an exceptional amount of snow.

It was a winter wonderland.

And Saturday afternoon it was enhanced by blue skies and some sunshine.

Have you ever noticed that some houses look exceptional with a frosting of snow?  I've decided that green homes and snow just seem to go together.

We drove the side streets just for the magic  of it all.

I've photographed this street before.

It's on the east side of the Liberty Ward Chapel near Liberty Park and where my son's family attends church.

This is how it looked last Fall.  I really am grateful for frequent visits to Utah to enjoy the seasons.

Here is the finished project.

A lacy knit baby afghan for my little winter baby, Opal.

It is frosty white like the snow out my window. . .

including the sparkle.

Yesterday I gazed outside my kitchen window in delight.  It was bitterly cold but the sun was out and glitter was falling from the sky.  I don't remember ever seeing that before, tiny little sparkle motes dancing down like sunbeams.


Betty Lou said...

Your pictures captured Mother Nature in all her winter glory, so beautiful. Love your lacy baby blanket is perfect for your winter baby, Opal.

Gayle said...

We went for a walk through the neighborhood late Thursday night after shoveling for the second time that day. It was so peaceful & quiet & beautiful - my favorite thing to do in the snow since I don't ski anymore.