Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sharing the garden produce

I know that many of you are in middle of mostly white and gray winter.  In Arizona, it's winter garden time.  I was so happy to share parts of mine with my holiday visitors.  Amongst the lettuces, you will also see my first cheddar cauliflower.  It tastes like cauliflower but looks like it was bathed in cheese sauce.

My little garden platform is bursting with 'good for you' things to eat.  I'm always so glad that I take the time to plant in October.

I've been sharing not only lettuce but two kinds of kale and spinach.  There is also Swiss chard, broccoli to come, and sugar snap peas.

My biggest worry is always the tomatoes and a big freeze before they ripen.  I moved a few of those starting to turn on to the warm kitchen window sill.

Too hard to move them from the platform to the garage this year, plus the garage is full of Glen's Christmas light containers.  He wants to add more insulation before he moves them to the attic.

Fresh green leaf lettuce anyone?


Betty Lou said...

Your garden is beautiful and everything looks so healthy. I'm not much of a gardener but here in Texas we have spring gardens and then by late June everything has dried from the heat and it is a struggle to save some of the vegetables. My begonias lasted until the frost this year, somehow they survive the heat and then in the fall they get another growth spurt and are beautiful.

LaNell said...

I've successfully done romaine twice now and would like to add a new variety, something less bitter. Do you have a suggestion?

kathy said...

I love to see your vegetable plants and your platform setup. The cauli looks nice. My garden in massachusets is covered in snow now. I am looking forward to begin planting a few seeds next month.