Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Payson Temple progress

The Payson Utah Temple is now very visible from Interstate 15.

We decided to take the next exit to get a closer view.

In Arizona they fight the heat in the summer as they build the Gilbert Arizona Temple.  In Payson Utah they are fighting the cold.

It sits just north of an LDS chapel.

There are many new homes being built in the surrounding area.

These pictures were taken mid-day.  Utah has been under an inversion layer of cold air for days.  These pictures give one an idea of what that is like.  It gets old fast.  The temple, however, will be beautiful.  I look forward to following its progress.  A few days later when we left to drive back to Arizona early in the morning, it was still dark but as we passed the temple it glowed.  The lights on inside beamed through the plastic covering and it was beautiful.

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Gayle said...

I think the Ogden temple is a little further along than the Payson - so many new temples!