Sunday, January 20, 2013

Angels of Light

Last summer I purchased this art print from Howard Lyon, a former boy of the neighborhood and now husband, father, and artist.  He was at BYU Education Week in Provo sharing his work with the public.  I loved this piece and even recognized a few of the faces which were modeled on Howard's wife, family, friends, and others including a sister missionary from Pakistan who served our ward congregation in Arizona.  I loved this sister (in the middle on the right) and this painting.  It now hangs on a wall of the townhouse in Provo.

As I cleaned and dusted before leaving this week, I glanced at the painting and instead of Herald Angels I saw them instead as sister missionaries going out into the world to share their message of hope and truth.  Since the announcement at LDS General Conference in October that the minimum age for sister missionaries would be lowered to 19 years of age, there has been a flood of young women submitting their papers to serve missions across the world.  Read about the response here.

These young women are now beginning to leave home and go out into the world where they will bless the lives of so many who will listen and learn from them and their message.  They will be as angels.

Alma 29:1  "Oh, that I were an angel. . ."

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