Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sadie's jumper

Sadie's birthday jumper has been a long time coming but I wasn't too concerned as it is made of corduroy.  Now that it is cooler I took time to finish it.

Sadie and I both liked this outfit when it was featured in Australian Smocking & Embroidery magazine, issue 94. The pattern is called "Top of the Class."  I had the white corduroy having purchased it for another project and then changing my mind.  The magazine called for using baby wale corduroy.  I forged ahead with my bulkier fabric and it was hard, really hard to put it through my pleater.  Lesson learned!  The smocking is pretty "rustic" looking.

However, it seems to flow with the stick figure embroidery.  The pattern called for a smaller version embroidered around the entire skirt.  I opted to scan the pattern and make it larger and use it just once.  The piping is of alternating black and white cording.   I ordered the black long sleeve tee and leggings from Old Navy.  Finally a play dress perfect for school!

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