Monday, January 21, 2013

Family brushes with celebrity

I record these moments for the family stories yet to be told over and over.  Youngest son Nathan signed up to be a driver for the Sundance Film Festival 2013 this weekend.  He was assigned to the lovely Keri Russell.  As you can see from this borrowed cell phone picture, he and Keri seemed to enjoy one another's company.  Keri has been a favorite of mine since "Felicity" days.  Did anyone else watch the Felicity TV series?  Keri has been to Sundance before starring as a pie baking waitress in "Waitress." This year she is promoting and starring in "Austenland" based on a book by Shannon Hale, a Utah author.  Surprisingly it was produced by Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series of books.

Last Sunday grandson, TJ, attended an LDS fireside where Todd Heap former NFL Raven tight end spoke.  Afterward, TJ approached him to just say hello.  Imagine his surprise when Todd told him to "whoop on his uncle David for him."  Then Todd's father asked TJ if Glen Jensen was his grandfather.  What TJ didn't know is that Glen used to coach Todd and his brother in Little League and that Todd and his uncle David have been good friends for a long time.  TJ was pretty impressed that a NFL football player and his father would mention his family members by name

David, please note that unlike you, TJ is NOT taller than Todd.

In October 2011, I was in New Mexico visiting my son, Ryan.  He was very excited about the movie being made in his neck of the woods.  He even drove me south to Belen to see the town and current movie set where Arnold Schwarzenegger was starring in an action movie.  There had been lots of sightings here and there of Arnold and those involved.  "The Last Stand" was just released and a store front in Belen can be seen in the background of the photo above.  Belen is not on the Arizona/Mexico border as depicted in the movie, but I guess it's close enough.  Belen has also been used for other movie locations over the years.

Not wanting to leave any of my sons out of this post, Eric went to a live performance of Prairie Home Companion on Saturday at the Gammage Auditorium on the Arizona State University campus with his wife, Susan.  He said it was fun to watch.  You can listen to it here.  And that is what's new here in family blogger land.

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