Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer project

The hubby and I have been making monthly trips to Utah for the past 2 1/2 years as Glen has grown a client base there for his business.  This summer it was time to open a satellite office in Salt Lake City.

We found ourselves in and out of furniture stores while our son did most of his shopping online.

I think that furniture shopping is exhausting, don't you?  It was also scary to make choices based on the existing carpet, wall color, window blinds and all that 1980's oak trim. That is Glen's office to the left.  It was (and is) a project in progress.  His office will have a more traditional feel.

Son's office is modern and all the choices are his.  The conference/classroom has super comfy chairs and a 14 foot conference table.  Instead of a projector, they mounted a large TV on the wall and will operate their "slide shows" for classes via Ipads.

That is Glen in the corner room which has a sofa and chairs and beautiful mountain views for individual client meetings.  All those folding chairs went back to the townhouse garage in Provo.  Unfortunately the new chairs arrived just a bit too late for the first official class.

We also had these drapes to work with, but I think I found the perfect chairs for the greeting area.

This is the view from Glen's office on the 2nd floor.  Utah has been very smokey this summer.  When it is clear, the mountains are stunning.  Pluses for this location just north of the 215 on 900 East include plenty of parking, sits next to the famous Sports Mall, central for clients, and the price was right. Hubby is in office heaven.  If you know of any dentists who could use his business savvy, send me a message.

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Vagabond Mother said...

I love seeing it put together! Looks pretty great!