Friday, August 31, 2012

I Believe in America, too.

The sign is back out in the planter along the street for the neighborhood to see.  It's been in the garage since the end of the primaries.  Now that Mitt is officially the Republican candidate and there are only 67 days left until the 2012 presidential election, Glen decided it was time for it to reappear.

Did you watch the Republican Convention?  I asked Glen if he watched political conventions when he was a kid.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Why would you watch conventions when you could be at the beach or out playing baseball?  I have watched many conventions.  I've felt drawn to them since the early 1960's when my age had finally reached the double digits.  I don't know if it coincides with finally having a TV in our home, but TV definitely facilitated my being able to listen and watch.  I remember famous addresses from Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, fighting in the streets in Chicago, Nixon's daughters, Johnson's daughters, the crazy hats, and confetti and balloons. 

I watched almost every minute of the RNC convention this week and I took it straight up.  Translation:  I watched C-Span.  I wanted to watch the convention, not all of the talking heads trying to get their own air time.  I really can think and react for myself, thank you very much!  I found it fascinating as I watched a Mormon become the official candidate for president of the United States.  I wasn't expecting all the programing directly before the convention trying to explain my religion.  It made me wonder about the accuracy of journalistic stories in general as there were so many inaccuracies presented in network stories.  Go here to see official LDS Church statements regarding such inaccuracies.

Here are my thoughts and feelings the day after:

*  When a Mormon stake president from Boston offered the opening prayer I felt like I was listening to General Conference.  It was so comforting.  Isn't it interesting how our religious life has its own rhythms and cadence?

*  Did you notice Ann's eyes darting here and there when all the grand kids came out on stage?   That's exactly what happens to me when with the grand kids somewhere and you want them to be safe and well behaved.

*  Tears and more tears.  Such touching personal stories which needed to be shared so that we know more about the candidate as a man not just a candidate for president.

*  Moments spent getting oneself back in control.  In an interview this morning, Ann stated that her youngest son explained his moment saying that he suddenly felt his grandfather George Romney with him.  Where else would George's spirit be on such an occasion as this?

Yes, I listened to the speeches and heard the political rhetoric but for me it is usually more about the feelings.  I wish that the next 67 days would be more "Mormon Ad" in tone than muckraking and demonizing.  Wouldn't that be nice?


Avis La Fin said...

Nice Post, Laurel. Thanks. It was very moving. My thoughts through the Thursday evening session were of sadness...that such a huge burden was being placed on one man.

Betty Lou said...

Oh yes, I watched all three days of the convention on CNN but I was very upset with their commentators. I don't know what they think they must find fault with things that are said and can't concentrate on the positive. I think they clearly demonstrated that a Romney/Ryan ticket is best for the country and answered some questions to voters about Romney the man and the Mormon church. I first remember watching JFK democratic convention in 1960. I was visiting my sister with my two little boys, she must have been a democrat.