Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little rehab

A part of renting to students is the decision of what to do with what is left behind.  Most often it is sent on to the DI, but occasionally there is a keeper.  I must admit that I checked out bloggers who paint furniture and then post before and after pictures as well as painting tips before tackling this rehab project.  And now I give you my before. . .

. . . and after.  I knew it was a keeper because of the good construction, dove tail joints, dust covers for each drawer, and good proportions.  I was out about $50 for really good paint, sanding block, brush, and new door pulls.  I think it was worth it and the dresser looks great in the "brown" bedroom in Provo.

I did a major clean out of the townhouse this summer.  Items first went to the Ranes family garage sale and then those leftovers went to DI.  I now have two refurbished guest rooms available for visitors.


Betty Lou said...

Wonderful job, definitely is a keeper Looks like it might be Drexal.

Vagabond Mother said...

I really loved how this looks now, you've been so busy! I had no idea you even took on this project! PS Raymond said he wants to move in with you, so think about it. :)