Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dream fulfilled

We have found ourselves spending more and more time at our "other" home as Glen's Utah business clients have increased in number.  We made a decision earlier this year to retire the townhouse as a student rental during the BYU school year.  That means that I have been working this summer on changing the look from student apartment to comfortable home.  One thing I have always wanted but never had the space for is a great big round dining table.  I just think the conversation flows better when people dine in the round.  My long time dream has been fulfilled!  The pub table and bar stools have been relegated to the kitchen area (did you know that pub tables make wonderful cutting tables?) and a beautiful round table and comfy chairs have taken its place.

I've also always wanted a turn table on the dining table.  Once again dream fulfilled.  We broke it in at a Sunday family dinner with the Ranes family.  I wanted to make maximum use of that turntable so I made Hawaiian haystacks and lined the multiple ingredients  up around it.

That way, everyone could build their own haystack.

That Henry kept building and building.  Thank goodness  his dad wanted a second helping!

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