Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mirror Lake Memories

Last Saturday I was in the High Uinta Mountains at Mirror Lake.  Yes, that is the tree line you see in the background because Mirror Lake is at 10,500 feet elevation.  When the wind isn't blowing, it does indeed look like a mirror.  Last Saturday, it was incredibly blue.  Our daughter and her family had been camping and we decided to join them with our grandson for a fun afternoon.  It was the last camping weekend of the season for the Mirror Lake Campground as there had been three inches of snow the previous weekend.

Oscar loved this adventure.

He told grandpa that he needed his own fishing pole with one of those red and white things that go up and down.

Grandpa found him a fake log and toad stool instead.

It provided a needed distraction.  We arrived just after a major rain storm, thus the puddle.

There is a great trail which circles the entire lake shore line.  It also includes informational signs about flora and fauna.

It was a good thing that they both had their green jackets.  It was in the forties.

The forest is a great place to explore.

When we first arrived at our daughter and family's camp site it appeared to be free of people.  After our time at the lake, we returned hoping the cousins and their parents would also be back.  And then we heard this little one's voice and realized that she was in the tent.  They all went inside during the rain and she fell asleep as did her parents.  Her brothers were sooooooo bored!  Or so they told me.  She had just awakened and everyone seemed happy to see us.

They played catch.

And helped da da build a fire.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a dinner of tin foil dinners and smores.  YUM!

But first more tending of the fire.

Great job guys!

It was a beautiful drive and the mountainsides are starting to change colors.  We also had a great narrator in the back seat.

A narrator that loves his cousins and they love "Oskie."

I have been cropping out pictures from Glen's parents' family photo albums which my daughter had scanned to a disc several years ago.  This is a picture of Glen's father, Jordan, with his mother's siblings, Joe and Kathleen at Mirror Lake about 1950.  It made us very grateful for the nice, paved road that we had just traveled.  Jordan's backyard had been the Uintas while growing up in Duschesne.  He had been with his father many summers herding sheep in the meadows.  Beautiful places are also shared generation to generation.

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