Friday, August 29, 2014

Springville Museum of Art 41st Annual Quilt Show 2014

My quilting friend and sister (so lucky to have them be the same person) has been out of town becoming acquainted with her first grand child.  She finally came home on Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon, we were in Springville viewing the quilts.  You can be, too, but when August ends the show ends so you haven't much time.  I am always so amazed at the creativity, skill, and hours of time that have produced each quilt.  This year I didn't worry about my camera until I had viewed all the quilts.  Then I handed over my hand bag to Lynette and walked the exhibit again taking pictures of my favorites.  Keep in mind that these quilts are just a part of the exhibit.

I loved this quilt with its glowing center medallion.  It may look like it got more focused light, but I promise, it had the same wattage as all the others.  Stunning!

My favorite of the "art" quilts.

Amazing applique.

This quilt seemed to dance.

Whole cloth quilt . . .

with gorgeous hand quilting.

A display case for my grand daughters.  I am just now finishing up a doll quilt for one of their birthdays.

A quilt made of fabric traded and collected for yours.  The quilter had just died a few short months ago so it also felt poignant.

Beautiful contrast and I found the scalloped black border striking.

Fluidity and movement.

Cheerful dainty applique and I loved the half circles in the border.

Beautiful star quilt made from Bonnie and Camille fabric.

This is a small quilt because . . .

those are half inch squares in those stars.

My sister's favorite color combination.

My sister's favorite overall quilt and the one she plans to make for herself.

I made some of these style of blocks on the Saturday Sampler quilt I just finished so I will lend her my ruler.  Can you find the twins in this picture?  One makes strip sets and then rotates the ruler back and forth to cut the pieces.  Now some circles have black on the outside and there is a matching one with the black on the inside.

I loved this simple border surrounding all of that movement.

My camera does not do this quilt color justice.  It was sweet, dainty, beautiful, and blue.

When you lose your husband too soon, you piece and quilt a memory.

Little pointed Dresden blocks each of different fabrics which the quilt maker collected over many years.

Elegant with much 3-D detail.

I liked this quilt because it reminded meof the "It takes a Village" quilt that I made for one of my grand daughters.

Some people are painters before they are quilters, so they make a quilt . . .

and then they paint it.

It was breathtakingly beautiful.

It made me want to pull my tole painting supplies out of storage.

Another one of those quilts that I can not even fathom making in my lifetime.

Once again you are looking at a plethora of one half inch squares.

It spins.

And that circular quilting moves it along.  I loved this "color wheel."

his art quilt with the bridge reflected in the water was lovely.  It made me wish that I was on that bridge.

At the entrance to the show was this lovely painting by a grandson of his quilting grandma.  Quilts are the way that grandmas leave a piece of themselves behind.

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