Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Farmer's Wife catching up

Set 7 of the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Revival blocks has been completed, but not before Set 8 was put up on Craftsy.  I'm going to forget that Set 8 is available for a couple of weeks.

If you have counted the blocks you will have noticed that there are 11 not 10 completed blocks.  The above three blocks have a story to tell about robbing Peter to pay Paul or something like it.  I cut out all the pieces for all the blocks before I sew.  I have a numbering system to keep myself organized.  Well, this time my method didn't work because I skipped a block in the directions and tried to make the pink and blue block from the pieces which were supposed to make the block which now has roses in the corners.  Of course I was frustrated and not understanding how my cutting could be off so much, but I was determined to made it work.

Finally, I decided something was wrong and went back and matched each completed block to the corresponding book block page.  Surprise, surprise I found that the pieces had been for a block which I had skipped.  Why does that skipped block now have roses?  Because I changed it up by using the pieces leftover from making the wrong block which included two pink squares (not enough pink to cut more squares), added the new blue, and fussy cut four roses on cream.  I like it.  The pink and blue block was supposed to be made from the red and checked fabric, so I sewed it up, too.  Now I'll have a back up if I come upon a block I really don't like or want to mess with.  So, now I have a stack of 71 blocks and I have always planned to make all 111. There is some synchronicity in those numbers.

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