Monday, September 15, 2014

Piglets try the Dirty Dash

We had visitors this weekend. Their Uncle Nate is involved in novelty racing and travels all over North America most weekends.  Lucky for us, he was home this weekend helping with the Dirty Dash at Soldier Hollow.  It is just a quick beautiful drive up the canyon to Soldier Hollow so we were in.  I must admit that this is the first time I have seen in person just what it is my son does.  It is pretty impressive and the above picture was the first piece of "equipment" that we came across so I had to stop and snap.  No, that is not Nate, but one of his many working race buddies.

We arrived just in time to hear the piglets getting their racing instructions at the start line.

The piglets had already discovered a mud pit.

It would get dirtier.

Baby Warren would be a spectator this visit.  He is truly the happiest baby on the planet and Daddy Dave is so pleased to have him.

Momma Sally was nominated Dirty Dash chaperone.

There were lots of piglets waiting to get dirty.

And they were off!!

You can just make out Sally at the top.

Grandpa Glen documenting this new experience on his cell phone.

The race began with a shallow mud pit.  They would only get deeper.

It might have been best to let those sprinklers wash you off and call it a day.

We decided to check out the finish.

Oh my! A succession of mud pits!

The slide looked like fun.

And there were communal showers.

It was a perfect summer almost fall day.

There will soon be colors on those hills.

We waited and waited for our piglets to come back into view.  This mud pit also spit mud, thus we didn't make it out unscathed.

And then we saw this tall guy in the distance . . .

with cute Mae who stayed clean and happy.

What a fun perch Miss Mae.

More familiar people headed our way.

Our people.

Almost finished.


Ruby exits the "spitting" mud pit.

Back to the top for a picture.

Thanks Ruby!

And a mud slide down.

Just one more set of mud pits left.

Cousin Kate joins her.

Yup,  another!

Come on Kate.

Sometimes you need a friend.

To help you smile!

An easy way out.

One last pit.

Almost finished.

Momma appears to provide final help.

One up.

Now Ruby's turn.

And we have two very muddy mermaids.

And through the finish!  Great job!

Hi!  Daddy Dave found me a bandanna hat to keep me from frying in the sun.

I'm the cutest!

After those communal showers resulting in sporadic mud removal, we find cousin and nephew Jason counting the money.  Yep!  Cousin Nate got him into novelty racing, too.  They have seen the country together.  On this race day, they had 6300 racers.  What are these people thinking?

Part of the reason Dave was in town is because he, Nate, and Nate's friend have purchased a Dirty Dash race.  Did you know that you can have your own race?  The main company provides support, but your are the final boss of your own race and after expenses hope to have a profit.  They, along with spouses, are off the Virginia Beach in two weeks to run their own Dirty Dash.  Nate and Dave have already been back East to scout things out and make arrangements for the venue.  I find it all a bit overwhelming now that I have seen the real deal.  They have over 3000 participants so far.  If you live in the area, perhaps you can join them.

The other novelty race the company provides is Color Me Rad.  Rainbow verses muddy brown? What do you think?

My little piglets were so cold after being somewhat sprayed off.

I reminded them that they love to lay on warm cement after getting out of the pool, so that is what they did.  Awe, a bit of sunshine to warm things up.  Grandpa also brought them some Krispy Kremes.

One final picture.  I proudly present clean laundry.  Yes, those are their Dirty Dash clothes.  It took two rinse cycles, a prewash with Oxiclean, and final full laundry cycle with Tide but they are clean with no stains anywhere.  Yes, I did put the washer through a "tub clean" cycle after the clothes were in the dryer and there is a bit of debris and small pebbles on my laundry room floor.  Small price to pay!

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