Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cascade Springs

We took the long way to Soldier Hollow and the Dirty Dash on Saturday.  We drove the Alpine Loop via Sundance to the road on the right leading to Cascade Springs.  From Cascade Springs it is just five more miles of dirt road up over the mountain and into Soldier Hollow.

This was our favorite place to hike (or take a walk) with our children when they were young.  My oldest, Eric, first did this walk as a newborn about a week old.  Yeah, I was young and a bit stupid.

After leaving the Alpine Loop, you descend down the mountain into a mountain valley where the water exits the side of the mountain.  A great deal of water.

As it leaves the stream channel back into the distance where you can see the bridge, it widens out into pools and gentler streams.

All the walkways are paved or are board walks over the water.

The vegetation is beautiful and the sounds of moving water magical.

A mountain oasis.

Soon, all the leaves will be falling

as the stream continues to meander on its way.

Remember the bridge?

This is how the water rushes upstream.

A mountain stream right out of the mountain.  For a scientific explanation go here.

Autumn is on its way.

A bit of serenity before the snow falls again.

But for now, enjoy Fall.


RoeH said...

I wandered around Cascade Springs a couple of years or so ago with my cousin. Pretty cool.

Susan said...