Monday, May 5, 2014

Tulip Festival 2014

Spring time in Utah is not complete until one has made a visit to the annual Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

This year I had the pleasure of walking the walk with my daughter and her three children.

Over a quarter million tulips were planted last fall along walkways and flower beds.

We had been teaching the baby how to say "tulip" on the way to the gardens.

It is a mass of contrasting color .  .  .

and coordinating color.

And saturated color.

A water feature always enhances the experience.

Our stepping stone girl tip toeing through the tulips.

It was a beautiful day with a light breeze, sun shining, and not too warm but just right.

I didn't remember them planting tulips in the rose garden before, but this time there they were.

Of course we also had to go to the fish pond.  This was her first time feeding the fish and she carefully dropped one piece of food at a time.

When we arrived, we could hear drums.  From the pond, it suddenly made sense.  Alex Boye and crew were in the gardens filming another You Tube cover song video.

There was drumming and marching .  .  .

and later some high stepping and dancing by Boye.

I'm used to seeing decorative glass by Chiluly in the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona, but this was new for this garden.

Lovely variegated tulips.

Something else new was a play area.

The boys soon had set up for a checker game.

But what they really wanted to do was play chess, their latest passion.

They did not want little sister to play, too.

Some favorite shots.

The boys loved running through the tulips.

It was a maze of color.

Shots taken in the secret garden.

Love these happy flowers.

Love how they announce the impending arrival of summer even when there is still snow in the mountains.

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