Friday, May 16, 2014

School Days with the Boys

When invited to a grandchild's school event, I always try to arrange to be there.  Old retired school teachers love to have a reason to go back to school.  This preschool program was a fun one.

There was singing with hand movements.

The best part was when those raindrops did an interpretative dance complete with the pitter patter of hands slapping their legs.

Next up was a 2nd grade "Character Fair."  I honestly thought it would be students representing real people who showed character.  No reason not to, my grandson was going to be the "Candy Bomber."

He did a great job as did all the 2nd graders.  Rather than real people, they were dressed as characters from a favorite book.

We moved from desk to desk to hear their little reports.  The fancy Nancy girls were pretty fancy and much to Opal's delight, doughnuts were served.

Today it was an "Animal Fair" in kindergarten.  They sang animal songs, also with hand motions.  Notice the great animal art work in the background.

My little companion for the fairs.

He did such a great job with his little report.  I was so amazed that these sweet kindergartners were able to speak to strangers about their animals, present their dioramas, and read what they had written.

This is not their grandmother's kindergarten.  Thanks for inviting me!  I enjoyed being back at school all three days.


Heather said...

Oh, they're adorable! I bet Opal enjoyed it. Wish I was there! Only seventeen more days!

RoeH said...

How I love to go to things like this. But my kids are back east now. I never dreamed that those Arizona native kids would end up so far away. But --- you go where the best jobs are. Cute pictures.