Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby Warren and his special day

I enjoyed sewing for my new grandson's special day when he would receive his name and a blessing.  His mother picked this romper from Australian Smocking and Embroidery issue number 85.

She liked the simple smocking design inset and pleating.

We decided to make it without a collar.  I ordered the cotton pique and blue pique piping from Farmhouse Fabrics.

It has buttons on the back yoke and the pattern called for buttons in the crotch area but I found some white snap tape and used that instead.

I also knit or crochet a baby afghan for each grand baby.  I loved this pattern with the solid knit center. . .

and decorative  outside band.

I've been working on it for months, especially on our drives back and forth from Arizona to Utah.

These knit booties were given to Warren's father when he was a baby.  I pulled them out of the cedar chest for Warren and replaced the yellow ribbon with some matching blue ribbon.

And there he is!  He is such a sweet baby boy with gorgeous, what I think will be, blue eyes.

He was exactly two months old on his blessing day.

I wanted to make sure that I had a picture with him.

Grandpa Glen, the gadget shopper, found this hat.

You may wonder why he would buy such a hat.

Warren thought it was funny (or that Grandpa Glen was funny).  It is supposed to keep the soap out of his eyes when he has a bath.

This sweet little boy has three beautiful sisters who have fallen in love with this little guy. He also has a wonderful and lovely mother and a hands on and handsome father.  He is one lucky boy!


He had several family members who came to the church for this great event.  These are primary family members.  There were also great aunts, uncles, and 2nd cousins who made a quick get away.  These are the life moments that feed the soul and fill the heart.  We are so happy to have him as part of the family.

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