Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Airplane Birthday Party

My daughter-in-law creates the best themed birthday parties.  This year it was an airplane party.

The day began cloudy with scattered rain so she held her breath and by party time the skies looked like this and she let that breath out with relief.

Everyone pitched in to help inflate balloons, put up tables and chairs, and bring out the food.

This made one little boy very happy!

My son made this amazing lawn furniture from packing crates.

Their backyard is beautiful and near down town Salt Lake, so the trees are big and shady.

There were hot and ready pizzas for the kids and great make your own burritos for the adults plus fruit and drinks.

There were also gummy airplanes much to birthday boy's delight.

The driveway served as a faux run way and entrance to the party.

The grandmas and the grandpa.

An indoor closeup of the cake.  Looks familiar, doesn't it?

Grandpa Glen kept things lively with his rocket balloons.

The trees caught a few of those balloons.

Friends, food, family, fun.

Time for the cake.

Light it.

Make a wish.

And blow it out.

Good job!

And how about a taste?

Grandpa's phone picture of Oscar enjoying a piece of his cake.

Along with cake, there were three kinds of ice cream treats.

This boy loves ice cream treats!

He had lots of help with the presents.

Grandpa Glen also brought his bubble machine which created a perfect atmosphere for flying those decorative airplanes.

Mama Nichelle bought styrofoam planes at the dollar store and painted them different colors.  She also played games with the little ones.  Great times for everyone.  It was a fun party and a joy to be outside.


RoeH said...

Man. . . I was so dumb at birthday parties. My poor kids!

RoeH said...
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Susan said...

Nichelle's a multi-talented marvel. Happy birthday, Oscar!