Friday, May 9, 2014

A few fun things

I wanted to share a few fun things that came my way this week.  Someone contacted me wanting to use my Angel Moroni on the Provo City Center Temple photo for a seminary graduation program.  I was honored.

I have been participating in a Farmer's Wife Revival Block Class on Craftsy, 10 blocks per class with a new class each month.  Karen Walker, the instructor, asked to use this picture of my first set as the image for this month's class advertising.  Again, I was honored plus I received my month 5 class instructions as a gift.

There is one more great place in Tempe, Arizona celebrating a 50 year anniversary in 2014.  Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium began construction in 1962 and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It was completed 25 months later in 1964.  One of the things I loved about my new school experience in Arizona was music appreciation.  We would study and learn to recognize classic pieces of music during the school year and then were bused to the Gammage to hear an orchestra play the pieces we had learned and studied about.  This unusual building sits on the southwest corner of the Arizona State University campus at the corner of Mill Avenue and Apache Boulevard.  When I went to ASU I would often park at the Gammage when there were no events scheduled.  I borrowed this photo from the ASU web site.  I picked this one because that is irrigation water providing the reflected image.  That is another great thing about Arizona, irrigation.  I loved it when the neighborhood would be flooded with their water quota every two weeks or so.


RoeH said...
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RoeH said...

Neat! I had someone contact me once for usage of a photo in their small town newspaper. It was fun. that Gammage photo. One of my favorite places to go.

Susan said...

Just add accomplished photographer to your very long list of talents and skills. Very impressive!