Friday, October 5, 2012

The Loop

Soon we had Sundance in our review mirror as we climbed higher leaving the reds and oranges behind.  We were entering the highlands of the aspens.

It was still morning, so we also had sunlight shining through the aspens.  Aspens truly are one of my favorite trees.  They grow along the creek on the ranch in Idaho where my mother grew up.  I have felt a great affinity for them since just a little girl.

Soon we were near the top with the sun behind us so we enjoyed golden aspens with blue skies.

Henry is always my careful observer.

This tree brought forth a story from Raymond about how his paternal grandpa had craved the names of each of his children on an aspen tree at a special family place in North Carolina.

The boys walked  a little trail with me so that I might take their pictures looking back towards Sundance.

My pictures don't do justice to the beautiful color filled mountain sides, but they will be a reminder of a beautiful drive with the boys and Glen.

We were soon driving down into American Fork Canyon  and enjoying the reds and oranges once again.  As we exited the canyon, Henry commented that we were going through the crack.  The Alpine Loop, another reason why I love being in Utah for the Fall.

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