Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barnyard Boo

October Break is underway in Utah so I entertained the boys again on Friday.

It was a rather cold and rainy day so much like Disneyland a year ago when there were no lines and the crowd was small.

This was a part of Thanksgiving Point that I had never explored before.

If I had known we would mostly be outside, I might have reconsidered.

This is a barnyard full of domestic animals including horses, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and even llamas.

Henry in a stare off with a pygmy goat.

I found that the boys didn't always want to do the same things.  Henry was all for a pony ride.

Raymond, being so big and tall, would have been required to ride the bigger horses.  He declined.

I thought we would be in that big barn in the background.  False, but that was where all the teachers were conferencing.

Both brothers declined to have a picture taken with this cute witch.  Henry, however, loved her story time presentation. Notice the pineapple quilt covering her prop table.

Both consented to a fake tractor photo instead.

They loved the scale that compared their weights to that of the animals.

Notice that when Ray left, Henry barely made an impact.  He loved it when I joined him on that scale. I, not so much.

Raymond was all about the face painting.  Henry declined but he did craft a darling ghostly photo frame.

He also checked out all the games while Ray sat being painted.  Then Henry patiently instructed his big brother on the nuances of each game of skill.

It was great because win or lose one still got to pick out a piece of candy.

I wanted to make sure we caught a wagon ride, but the rain started coming down again, so we played in the" how crops get to market" shed.

Henry absolutely loved this truck with its conveyor built.  He also organized the other farmers.

Finally we caught a wagon ride.

Our view back at the barnyard.

And a final close up view of the rocket Raymond requested be painted on his cheek.  Now he can remember it forever because he was pretty sad when his dad told him it would indeed wash off.  It was a pleasant outing, but I have to be honest, it took me all night to warm up.  It's been a long time since I hung out at 50 degrees.


Vagabond Mother said...

I would have definitely sent them in coats instead, and you too! They had so much fun and Henry was so excited when I guessed that he weighed as much as a lamb. I can't wait until Opal and I can join you on some fun outings! Thank you again for taking them, Henry now points to the barn too, in addition to the Dinosaur museum, every time we pass it on the freeway. Also, thank you for accommodating all their opinions, likes, and choices! I am a bit more of a dictator. :)

Laurel said...

No dictating. That's what is great about being the grandma.