Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oscar Time

On Saturday we enjoyed some Oscar time.  He is a delight and in the midst of being potty trained.  We decided to take an adventure with him anyway and he stayed dry!  This red wagon has been in our Provo garage for years.  We took it to Oscar for his enjoyment.  He loved it and his grandpa who took him on a neighborhood tour.

Speaking of his neighborhood, it is beautiful this time of year.  That is his church on the left, first built in 1908.  I love the stained glass windows and the history of this older, well loved building.

While his parents went shopping and to dinner, Oscar accompanied us to Modern Display and Temple Square.  He loved watching the trains under the trees at Modern Display while grandpa checked out what is new in Christmas lighting.  He did not like the headless horseman on the front lawn of the store.

He loved the circular walk up to the Christus statue in the visitor's center and knew who it represented.

This is his new pose, I'll take a picture of you while you take a picture of me.

As the sun began to set, the temple glowed as Oscar explored wide spaces.  When we arrived back at his house, he did his business and then asked for his M & M's.  We made a quick call to his parents for information as to the location.  Soon all was well.  Good job Oscar!

*All pictures taken by Grandpa Glen using his camera phone.

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