Thursday, October 11, 2012

Children's Discovery Garden

With a new baby sister in the house, the best way to help seems to be entertaining the brothers.  Monday was a no preschool day for Henry and early out for Raymond, so I used my Grandparents Pass and took them to the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  It is just over the fence to the south of the main gardens. There are caves and tunnels to explore, rocks to climb, and lots more.

The flower beds were full of freshly set out pansies.  I thought these also looked like Autumn.

The boys loved the  tree trunk balancing act just below the lookout tower.


This part of the park made me a bit nervous.

I could see more casted arms and legs in their future.

It's safe grandma!

Yeah, right!  Until you decided to jump onto a rolling log.

We even found a stage for Raymond.

He danced and danced.

While Henry kept the beat.

And the finale.

Then it was Henry's turn to dance.

He had some moves.

It was Raymond's turn to provide the beat.

The stairway led up the hill.

It was here that there were vegetation hiding places.

Tic tac toe tables

grouped on the hillside.

 Geometric forms

provided some climbing fun.

It was fun to watch them navigate their way up

and their retreat back down.

The Ladybug Stage was adorable

with its buggy filled back mural.

 It was surrounded by a grass covered hillside.

The pond is a special one.  On the opposite side there are windows for viewing the fish and other creatures.

I couldn't resist capturing the last hollyhocks of summer.

There were educational activities.  What was missing?  The lighthouse!  I don't know why.  The kids loved it.  They are beginning construction of a new museum between this garden and the golf course.  Perhaps that is why.

I sat under a crab apple tree while the boys played bear in the cave and tunnels.  My view up was beautiful.

Half of the the maze is also blocked off as it would now lead to the construction site.

That didn't stop the boys from exploring the other half.

I felt bad that we hadn't made a trip here while it was still warm.

Henry really wanted to see the animals on the ark spew out water.

He really wanted to go into that water.  I kept saying, "Next summer."  I love that it's so easy to make use of the Grandparents Pass.  I just have to pick them up and make our way under the I15 freeway.

Look who was waiting for us at home.  She really is the sweetest little bundle of joy.


Betty Lou said...

Looks like the perfect outing for the boys and their grandmother. Mother and baby must have appreciated the day also. Beautiful pictures .

Vagabond Mother said...

They always have such a good time over there, thank you for taking them and having them make such fun memories. I am looking forward to enjoying it all too- next year! :) And I also noticed their neighborhood park is getting one of those geometric rope climbers too! Hopefully we can keep our no-broken bone streak going for a very long time!