Saturday, October 13, 2012

Glorious weather and conference sewing

I just had to stop in the parking lot at Costco to take this picture of Rock Canyon.  Can you see that stand of yellow aspens in the lower left center?  The air is crisp and cool and the mountains are full of color.

I almost gasp every time I catch a glimpse out the big, tall kitchen window.

Then I find myself out on the balcony, camera in hand.

There are definitely benefits to be found at a second home.

 I often run upstairs to the second balcony for a slightly different view.

I took this similar shot the day before when the sky was blue and before a colder night.  Full Fall has arrived!

My sewing has been matching the season.  I finished binding this Halloween wall hanging while listening to General Conference last weekend.

I picked up two novelty fat quarters several months ago on clearance.  I loved the vintage feel.

I hit a fat quarter sale of buy 1 get 1 free the first of September and picked out a few that I thought worked with the figures and with each other.  Then I put it together in rows.

I found this backing on sale.  That orange with small polka dots is not a Halloween themed fabric but part of the Lucy's Crab Shack line.  I thought it was perfect.  The binding was scrappy and made from left over fat quarter "argyle" style fabric plus an additional fat quarter which was the same pattern but black and orange in color.

General Conference also provided the sit down time to finally finish the edge of this quilt.

My grandmother, Rhoda, hand pieced this for me over 35 years ago from fabric I had purchased after seeing a Grandmother's Garden quilt in a magazine.  My mom and I hand quilted it on frames set up in the basement when I lived in a duplex in Lehi.

And then it moved from house to house and state to state, folded up nicely in linen closets because I did not know how to go about binding it.

My youngest son married his love who is also a lover of things vintage from the time when I was just a young thing.  I've passed on dishes and dresses and rugs.

I knew that Nate needed a quilt and a connection to his grandmothers.  I knew that Nichelle would love and treasure it.  And so I googled and pondered and finally went back to the method Rhoda would have most likely used in the 1930's.  I simply trimmed and then folded in both edges 1/4 inch and stitched them together.  It took a long time.  I deliver it today as part of Nichelle's birthday celebration.

This week, I looked at that leftover piece of novelty fabric and the other bits of fabric and decided to put together a Halloween banner for my daughter's entry way wall niche. It turned out just right for the space.

I found this little hanger from another purchase, and purchased black safety pins at Joanne's.  Perfect hanging solution.

I love these little Halloween vignettes.

They make me happy.

They take me back.  I have always loved orange.  I find it interesting that I have returned to the colors I loved when a young mother and wife in redecorating and furnishing the living/dinning room at the townhouse.  Once again there are warm autumn colors and I have pulled out embroidered and painted items I made years ago to accessorize.  What goes around comes back around I guess.

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Vagabond Mother said...

Love this in my funny nook, thank you so much. Hoping to finally finish decorating the house before I'm back in the hospital. Thank you for thinking of us!!