Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sundancing with the boys

Mom had a blood pressure scare so while she was being monitored at the hospital, the boys came to spend the night with the grandparents.  After heading out to wash the car with grandpa we put their pajama bottoms back on for warmth and headed up the canyon to the chairlift at Sundance.

It was a last minute kind of outing, so they rode barefoot.  We didn't want to have to hike later for their Crocs.

It was a beautiful, crisp, sunshine filled autumn morning and just perfect for a ride in the colors.

I snapped and snapped some more as we traveled higher and higher.  Sundance truly is a spectacular place.

I'm sharing just a few of my pictures for there were many.  Still trying to use up all that extra memory!




It was fun to have that tree top color right at your feet.


And now we have reached the top and turned around and I'm shooting into the east and sun.


Luscious yellows.

The boys and looking west.  Henry gave a "Hi!" to all who passed by.

East side of chair lift again.



We are nearing the bottom and Sundance facing north.

Sundance was also having a Harvest Market.  I snapped one more picture before landing.  The bakery booth was to die for even from above.

It was amazing with breads, pastries, cookies, and pies.  The boys selected cookies, Glen cheesy braided bread sticks, and I held out for the pain au chocolat.

Grandpa introduced them to a falcon and told about his falcon training days.

They loved the EMT's and their rescue truck.

They were so impressed that they could explore the front seat.

Raymond was totally impressed to be in the driver's seat.

There were fish in the pond.

But just to look at.  After eating our snacks we were back in the car.  The decision was made to deliver the boys to their parents via the Alpine Loop which would be slow going but a feast for the eyes.  More about that later.

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Vagabond Mother said...

Utah is too fun this time of year! I rode that lift days before Raymond was born seven years ago, time goes fast. Thank you for all the childcare! I am still not feeling 100% and the pressure is borderline, but it looks like at least we'll get another October baby after all!