Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why I love Utah in September

#1 best thing about Utah in September is fresh peaches, so many kinds of fresh peaches!

#2 best thing about Utah in September is tomatoes from farm to farm stand to me and not refrigerated even once so they are still full of flavor.


#3 best thing about Utah in September is fresh picked corn on the cob from the same farm stand.

#4 best thing about Utah in September and which will last long into October are fresh picked honey crisp apples newly picked and without a hint of wax.

#5 best thing about Utah in September is that the hills are starting to change color outside my kitchen window.


My camera does not begin to show how amazing it is to watch.  I noticed from the freeway the other day that the mountain peak outside my window really is the most beautiful of all!

I know I've said many times before but, "I love autumn in Utah!"


#5 best thing about Utah in September are a myriad of farmer's markets.  That cutie in the booth is my DIL.  She is up two late nights before Saturday mornings making empanadas for her booth at the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market at Pioneer Park downtown.

It is a huge market and the park is full of booths of all kinds many with amazing vegetables and fruits.  I got some blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries which were to die for.  Here are the men in her life coming to check on her.

They have been selling hundreds of empanadas.  If you go look for Argentina's Best, you won't regret buying one of their various flavors of meat filled or dessert empanadas.


This cute little family will soon be moving here.  It is a delightful tree filled, sun dappled place with a beautiful backyard and a basement for Oscar to run around in this winter.

What do you love about Utah in September?

Special note:  All these pictures were taken before all the smoke from the burning northwest flowed into the valleys of northern Utah.  That has not been one of the reasons that I love Utah in September!

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Laurel said...

Another favorite September Utah thing:

Passing by trucks with the bed heaped high with pumpkins!