Sunday, September 16, 2012

September in the Garden

I demanded a Thanksgiving Point Gardens September tour.  They are so lovely in September with floozy flower beds, full leafed green trees, and autumn's coming airs.  This trip also included the grandson brothers.  They now narrate this outing in their own words.

"That is a lot of grass.  Hnery, do you remember being here before?"

"Grandpa, can you wait while we go on that bridge?"

"Oh, my gosh Henry! Do you see that frog?"

"Grandpa, there is a frog."

"I don't see it! Now I do on Grandma's camera!"

"Grandpa, how much fish food for a quarter?  How many quarters do we have?"

"I'm going to feed them one piece at a time."

"See them!  It's like a fish tornado!  Throw all your food in together."


"Wow, Henry!  That is so cool, a fish tornado!"

"Grandpa, I like all these fish."

"This is a fun hill top."

"It's kind of scary standing on this bench.  Can you see those windmills?  I love windmills."

"Grandpa read us those scriptures on the pillars about God creating the world."

"See those hills over there? That is where our house is."

"Why could Jesus walk on the water?"

"I want my picture taken with the chicken."

"Grandpa, is that story really true?"

"Look at those water steps.  Do you see that frog trying to get out?  Can I get in and get it out?"

"There's another frog down here.  A dead one!"

"This is a cool tunnel."   (Meaning cool, as not hot.)

"I don't see any secret."

"Come on Raymond!  There is water in here."

"You mean I can put my finger on it?!!!"

"I need to cool my hot head off!"

"Your finger on makes the other water go higher!"

"See Raymond! Like this!"

"I like this place!"

"Like this Henry?"

"Okay, all three at the same time."

"That was high!"

"Where are you going Grandpa?"


"To check your phone?"

"I'm going to try this one now."

"Don't get me more wet."

"You can't get me!"

"But I can get my own hair wet."

"Drip, drip."

"Now we're cooler."

"Can you go really fast so we can dry off?"

"We'll meet you at the bottom."

"Can you count all the waterfalls, Henry?"

"Grandma said this is where singers come to perform."

"I made up a song about waterfalls.  Do you want to hear it?"

"I can't believe that we are on top."

"That's really far down there."

"Hang on tight grandpa!"

"See? There is the stage."

"Are there anymore waterfalls?"

"Read me all the things there are to eat."

"I am being on my very best behavior.  Did you know that?"

"Thank you grandpa for our soft birds.  Is that their real sound?"

"I think the baby blue bird sounds like the baby eagle and the baby eagle sounds like the blue bird.  Do you grandma?"

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Vagabond Mother said...

Hahah, Raymond sang us a waterfall song last night, now I know exactly where that came from! Thanks for taking them, they had a great time. Hope you did too!