Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Touring the dream

I must admit that I'm experiencing a hole in my days. I got used to making sure that I carved out time to submit my two daily entries in hopes of winning the HGTV Dream Home 2012. This was my year. It was located in a place easily accessible to my lifestyle. That place was also one of my favorite places on earth, the lovely Midway, Utah. We were at a time in life when we could drop in and stay awhile. Glen even got on the bandwagon and started visualizing the Dream Home as a place to entertain clients. I, however, dreamed of the perfect extended "family cabin."

All of my sisters were in Mesa for a visit after Christmas. I recruited them to sign in daily as well. The recruits expanded to nieces and nephews. And that's when I knew we were in trouble. "If I win the Dream Home I will sell it to pay for law school," said Dane. Wow, not everyone's dream was my dream. Could an extended family really handle winning the Dream Home?!

Niece Sarah would share the home if she won it, I know, for she made sure to purchase tour tickets for Glen and I. Sarah currently lives and works in Utah and became aware of tours during February to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. She purchased 3 tickets for our Utah Saturday. She's such a good girl!

Every thirty minutes a small group was allowed inside where it was shoes off or put on booties. First stop, the great room. As you can see, Sarah can barely contain her glee.

It truly is a lovely room with so much natural light and a view from every window.

See that faucet. You touch it and you have water with just a tap. (Did you get my pun? :)

The pot filler faucet took more than a touch, but who cares when you don't have to move that heavy pot.

The ground floor bedroom on the west side of the house was truly lovely.

I wish you could see the view Sarah is pointing out, the back side of Mount Timpanogos.

It was so serene and there is a door leading to the outdoor room. Did I mention that there are 17, yes, 17 doors to the outside in this home. There's a nighttime routine for you.

It was then up a flight of stairs to the master bedroom located over the entry/kitchen area.

Sarah was a bit freaked out with the master shower which provides views both ways.

Her choice, the more contained soaking bathtub.

We even toured the garage which sheltered the GMC car which comes with the home. It was also providing storage for the outdoor furniture which had been moved in for the winter months. Everything you see in this home is what you get in the sweepstakes (except for the Coke products in the background used to buck up our tour guides.)

The media/family room is also on the east side of the house. I found myself missing the blue of the other side of the house.

One of the members of our tour was actually short enough to use the door to the under the stairs children hideout accessible from this room. My grandbabies would love that little space behind that door. Nathan would have to duck those hanging light fixtures.

The stairs over that kids' space lead to the third bedroom. I thought that this would be my favorite when viewing pictures online, but I liked downstairs better. Those windows in the background also face west for great views of the mountains.

Sarah thought this should be my room, what with all the red, white, and blue.

After our tour we walked through the snow to the back. This is the outdoor room space on the west side. The door leads to the great room. The reflection is of Sarah planning to leave the outdoor furniture in the garage so she can host an outdoor dance party.

As we meandered down the long driveway we evaluated, "Was is practical?" Not so much but who cares.

It's a DREAM HOME bordering the Provo River with mountain views and we hope that someone in the family wins it! (Christy, I consider you and Allison as family :)

Note: Entries were closed last Friday. Drawing to take place mid March. Last year's home drew 72 million entries. I'm still hopeful. Those are better odds than the lottery.

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Gayle said...

Thanks for the tour - I thought the dream home was in Park City - had no idea they were giving tours. Good luck - I'll be rooting for you!