Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A place for debates and entertainment

While Mitt was securing his 29 delegates in Arizona last night, I was seated in the same place where he debated a week ago. I may not have been able to secure a seat the night of the CNN sponsored debate when all the GOP Primary candidates were in town, but I sure enjoyed last night's show.

Nate and Nichelle thoughtfully gifted Glen and I with tickets to a BYU Alumni sponsored Vocal Point show for Christmas. They knew of our consistent weekly attention to the TV reality show, The Sing Off, and of our great enthusiasm for Vocal Point, one of BYU's performing groups.

Our two months of anticipation were finally over. Vocal Point had come to town! Every seat was full, from a babe in arms to some even older than we two plus my sister and her daughter (who we didn't even know were attending.) It was a great audience, many BYU alums, but the nine young men on stage were incredible. It was just their microphones, a prop or two, and their voices providing all that sound. WOW!

Jump, Jive an' Wail - BYU Vocal Point

Why, oh, why was the library so quiet in my BYU days?

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