Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Debating in my home town

I was first made aware of the book, "The Real Romney" while listening to this interview on NPR. I knew that hubby, who has been following the Republican Primary race and donating to Romney's cause, would probably enjoy reading it so I left the book on his pillow with an old fashioned valentine card on the day of love. Guess who has been reading it?

I have found it fascinating from Romney's Mormon ancestors' stories, which are much like my own, to his desire to give public service after making millions in the business world. Glen and I followed the Republican Primary race in 2008 as well. It was such a novelty to watch Romney navigate the race as a Mormon and to realize my naivete as a Mormon who has always lived in the West. I hadn't pondered much on how the rest of the country perceived those of my faith.

Now four years later, the United States will tune into the beautiful Mesa Fine Arts Center in downtown Mesa, a town founded by Mormon pioneers in 1878. Is Romney's Mormon faith still an issue? I feel it is but I don't think people are as likely to voice it or talk about it this time around. This Primary race has been a rollercoaster ride. Who knew that Mesa's debate would become such an important part of the ride? So we will be tuning in to CNN at 6:00 PM tomorrow night, but we won't be attending the after party. (Yes - we did receive an invitation :)


Betty Lou said...

Hubby and I will be watching. You are so right, this has been a roller coaster and will probably have more ups and down before the convention.

Laraine Eddington said...

I'm going to go downtown and hang out.