Saturday, February 11, 2012

1st grand girls sleepover of 2012

We drove the big circle and picked up the oldest three grand girls for a sleepover at grandpa's and grandma's house. There were bags for big girls as well as bags for their dolls.

After Friday night fun with each other, their dolls, and ebelskivers (per Sadie's request) they were finally all asleep. Saturday morning found everyone up early and on our way to Phoenix. First stop was breakfast at IHOP.

Next stop was grandpa's favorite nursery, Berridge Nursery on Camelback. Each girl picked out a plant and a pack of seeds after looking over everything and going everywhere including the greenhouse.

They last went with us to Berridge Nursery in 2009. See here. They have not only gotten older but taller in three years.

It was then time for a new stop, Papago Park and Hole in the Rock.

They loved it and climbed everywhere while under our watchful eyes.

They found holes.

And niches.

And grandpa's knee.

Their bravery grew and they climbed higher. . .

and higher.

So I zoomed in

and in.

One last pose in the hole looking east and then time to go.

Glen climbing out and looking west.

Final stop, the new Dunkin Donuts at Brown and Gilbert. They had fun picking out a dozen.

They spent the afternoon in the backyard creating a special spot including this shelf of goodies from grandma's garden.

There was also a cleaning station.

This visit there surprise was new skirts for their dolls. I used the skirt pattern from Josephina's Doll Dress Patterns by Pleasant Company for American Girl. The pattern had the smaller contrasting band as a skirt yoke, by I decided that I liked it better as a border on the bottom. I really like how well these old patterns fit the dolls. I took a quick picture of the dolls modeling their skirts before driving the big circle in reverse and taking the girls home. It was a very fun Saturday.

This little one always gives me a sad look as I pick up and then return her sister, so I made sure that she had a special day just she and grandma later in the week. We took walks, looked at flowers, and collected rocks. Her special surprise was a new quilt for her dollies. I love being a grandma.

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Cire said...

Heather had lots of 'hole in the rock' stories - good adventure outing for the city girl - thanks!