Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We were lucky enough to have our grandsons spend some time with us over the three day weekend.  We went to the movies and the Rec Center for swimming, but we also delivered yellow mums to the graves of those we love and miss.  All of our mums were yellow because my husband thought I put too much thought into which color for which grave site last year :)

First stop was the Provo Cemetery where my parents are buried.  My sister later added an American flag as my mother is a veteran of WWII.

I love the beautiful views of the mountains from their site.

After swimming, we drove the freeway north to Draper, Utah.  Many of my husband's ancestors were founding members of this community and are buried in the Draper City Cemetery.

We placed our mums at his grandparents grave site, both of whom I was lucky enough to know.

The boys wanted to find a marker with their name.  This was easy for Raymond, but a bit harder for Henry.

Next stop was just a few miles north at the Larkin Cemetery.  Glen's parents are buried here.

Both of them died too young and we always regret that our grandchildren and youngest son did not know them.

Henry once again looked for his name.

After a visit at our youngest son's home, we were on our way east on Interstate 80 and through Parley's Canyon.  After a beautiful drive we were in a beautiful mountain valley and small town of Peoa.  Ola Jenson came from Sweden in the mid 1800's and helped settle this place.

He and many of his descendants are buried here.  He is buried next to his second wife.

His first wife, Anna Carlson Jenson, is buried across the way to the north.  She came with him from Sweden but unfortunately died as a result of child birth in her late 30's.

I often ponder the big risk it really was to give birth back in those days before many of the health measures that we have today.

Anna's eldest son, Ola Joseph Jenson,  and his wife, Nancy Morrell, are buried just a bit east of Anna.

They were brought back to this cemetery from Talmage, Utah where they had homesteaded in the early 1900's.  Nancy was a trained midwife who delivered over 800 babies in the Uintah Basin.

Henry finally found his name in this cemetery and more than once!

The boys check out the names of veterans on the commemoration board.

There were many for a town so small.

They also found their cousin's name.  My husband became a Jensen when his father joined the Navy in WWII and didn't correct the clerk about the spelling.

I really do love this day when we remember those who were willing to place their lives on the line for freedom.

We now traveled south towards Heber City and home.  The sun broke through the clouds as it settled in the west making everything look magical.  My photo does not do justice to what we really saw.

We took the road less traveled.

It was the main highway before the Jordanelle Dam was built backing up the waters of the Provo River.  Now it is the boat launching ramp.

Henry wanted to throw rocks in the water.

Luckily for him, there were some big ones.

Next time he wants to hike around on the other side.  We had a great day with the boys and we loved sharing a bit of family history, too.

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