Monday, June 8, 2015

Talented Grand Kids

I love the end of the school year when the grand kids get to show their stuff.  They have been working hard practicing for their big moments on stage all year.  I'm always happy when I am in Arizona or Utah at the same time as their presentations.  I love this picture of the line of girls waiting their turn.

This was their rehearsal which was fine with me because I could walk right up to the stage.

That's my girl and she danced her heart out.  It required a treat on the way home.

I also caught my 1st grader's musical with a garden theme including the need for those bumble bees.  He is in the back row in the middle.

He's the tall one and sang and danced his heart out.

He also helped make props.

His little sister was pretty impressed!

I was pretty amazed at the great job the 5th and 6th graders did with Peter Pan, the Junior Musical.  My little mermaid practiced singing and dancing for months.  It was a full on production and I was so happy to be in town to see it.

Her cousin (who wins many writing awards), little sister, and dad and my son joined me on this outing.  They presented it one afternoon for fellow students and twice in the evening for family and friends.

Ruby also made her first "big" quilt.  Great job!

I missed little sister's dance performance but caught middle sister's soccer game in April.  It is so rewarding to watch them grow their talents and abilities.

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Susan said...

Such talented grandchildren you have! Julianna did a great job at her recital on Saturday. I'm glad you got to see her dance at dress rehearsal. Thanks for getting her there.