Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ceci's Blessing Day

I enjoyed a very special Sunday.  My newest granddaughter received her name and a blessing during Sunday services.  She was surrounded by male family members and friends holding the Priesthood as her father gave her a special blessing.  I am always so touched by the spirit during this sweet moment.

Cecilia has been born to a very sweet and loving family who already love her so much.

These pictures were taken following her blessing.  She has licked off  her booties but this is the blessing outfit I hand smocked, embroidered, and sewed for her.  Her mom called her the "pioneer baby."

When Ceci smiles she has dimples just like her momma.

Daddy, Grandpa, and Ceci on her front porch.

Just look at that sweet face.

Grandpa thinks she is pretty special.

So does grandma.

I am in love with this sweet girl who likes to make eye contact, attempts to talk back, and smiles.

She is definitely a keeper!

My sister, Lynette,  is the grandma of two baby boys.  She was delighted to hold this sweet girl.

We attempted a shot of the friends of the family on Ceci's front porch.

I had more success from an angle but lost a few men folk.

A bit more of a close up from left . . .

and then the right side.  Look at all those amazing children and there are a couple more coming soon!

My daughter's family also joined us.

Church started at 9 am, so we enjoyed make your own breakfast burritos afterwards.

Grandpa hung out in his grandson, Oscar's room.

Nate's and Nichelle's new old house is a great space for entertaining both inside and out.

It was a beautiful rain free day. . .

enjoyed by all.  We are so thrilled to welcome this beautiful little girl into the family!

The following are close up pictures of the outfit I made for Ceci.  Sometimes there are tender mercies that occur in our lives.  Today when I turned on my sewing machine it would not start up.  It is my new computerized sewing machine now a little over two years old.  I had a bit of trouble with it earlier but on the Friday before Sunday when I sewed all the French seams and put all the pieces  together, I had no problems at all.  The machine sewed beautifully and started up every time!  Saturday morning I put in the last three button holes and delivered it to her home.  Today, no start up!  I am so grateful that  the machine worked while I needed it.  I was able to finish in a timely manner these heirloom pieces of clothing for Ceci's blessing day.

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Susan said...

Another beautiful blessing outfit for another beautiful girl. Can't wait to meet sweet Cici in person :)