Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Stars Wars birthday

Some moms throw the best birthday parties.  They make magic happen for the younger crowd.

My grandson is lucky enough to have one of those moms and my son is lucky enough to have her for his wife.

This year she made Star Wars come alive.  She made simple pull over costumes for the boys and girls and found some inflatable light sabers.  Lots of "sabering" went on in the jump house they had rented for the evening.

She recreated R2D2 from a stack of round layer cakes and decorated it with fondant.  Later, some guests couldn't resist giving R2D2 a hug.

Grandpa also brought his bubble machine for a bit more atmosphere.  They also had a great time "sabering" the bubbles.

This lucky boy has lots of friends and a wonderful San Diego grandma who had that new trampoline you can see in the background delivered on his birthday.

There was excitement and wind at the lighting of the candles.

It has been a rainy, stormy May but luckily the rain held off for most the party.

They just kept trying to keep it lit.

And finally he gave it his best. . . .

To  his and his friends great satisfaction.

I was on baby sister watch which turned out to be very easy.  She slept through all the noise and excitement.

Grandpa helped keep everything going.  Little Jedi Knight enjoyed every minute of his birthday party.


Susan said...

Another impressive party by Nichelle. She's a wonder! I think I'm just going to hire her to plan my kids' next ones :)

Heather said...

This is so cute! Cecelia and Oscar are so adorable, and Nichelle is such an awesome aunt and mother :)