Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Payson Temple Open House

Today was our lucky day.  Our day had come to attend the Payson Temple open house and we arrived to sunshine and no rain.  Beautiful clouds but no rain.

We have watched the construction of this temple for years as we drove by monthly on the I15.  Little by little it progressed and soon it glowed at night as workers continued to work.

It truly is beautiful and glorious.  My nephew, Matthew, went with us.  We talked about the three temples we had toured during the last 14 months including the Gilbert Temple, the Phoenix Temple, and now the Payson Temple.

Each temple has been beautiful in its own way.  Each contained decorative symbolism inside and out appropriate to their location.  This temple uses the apple blossom in honor of the acres of fruit trees, particularly apples, planted in this southern part of Utah County.

This temple seems as if it were sculpted from a giant block of solid stone,  Just look at the detail at the corner of this building.

Mathew at one of the main entrances.

The attention to detail is really amazing.

A perfect day for photo taking.  Blue skies, dark clouds, and sunshine.

From the inside, these windows glowed in the sunlight.

The sun shines behind the Angel Moroni, so happy to be seen again.

That star like motif is found throughout the inside of the temple as well as out.

So lovely!

I loved that the flag was flying.

Blue skies contrasted with very dark rain clouds.

We wandered around a bit just south of Payson and showed Matthew Glen's favorite fishing pond in Spring Lake.  It is the one where every grand child catches a fish.  I made him pull over so that I could take a picture of this view of the temple.

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Susan said...

So beautiful! What a perfect picture-taking day. The photos are all so gorgeous.