Monday, December 9, 2013

Arizona garden

Since there is snow and ice across this great nation, I thought I would share some pictures from my Arizona garden taken a week ago.

Yes, it flirted with freezing in Arizona after we left and Sam who watches our garden for us moved Glen's hanging coleus to the greenhouse.

Sam also told us today that the pomegranate tree has turned bright yellow with red pomegranates for contrast.

Don't you just love all of the texture?

The bougainvillea was in full bloom.

I often show pictures of my window views in Utah.  Well these are the views from my windows in Arizona.

It may not be mountain vistas, but it is still beautiful.

It is lovely.

Great color.

The Meyer lemon tree was crowded.

As was the Clementine tree.

Christmas decor in front of Glen's cherry blossom bougainvillea.

Another view of the backyard bougainvillea.

A wall of color.

I love how the late afternoon winter sun shines through trees making magic.

And the view out the front bedroom window.  I am sure that the Virginia creeper and ash tree are changing colors as well after the cool temperatures.

We planted lots of  Icelandic poppies and ranunculas.

Next trip home and the Lisbon lemons and navel oranges should be ripe.  Utah winter has it own beauty but I am grateful for my Arizona garden get away as well, especially when the temperatures are in the teens or lower both night and day.

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